Vasile Dragomir


luni, 1 martie 2010

What is missing Chel

I would like to interpret, but no other evidence came to me easier to fit my glove topic. At least two weeks I thought without any interference in politics, the departure (defection if you like) of the PSD and not just have a different substrate than that of parliamentary stake. When I heard the so-called political independence have died of laughter by itself or as popular as say so bad if you like it. (Clowns crazy attached bygone empires kings did exactly that, the fools) Since then I thought it must be something else at work. I've heard about so called experts that he lost SDP and NLP site for PD's. Really? I would bet that people do not go to form a new independent party (the word party is already outdated and stretched too much), but will find another name that will build the proposed changes in November for the next historical period to come.

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