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sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2010

PSD has an increasing number of specialists leaving

Politics is not for me, is clear. Otherwise not explain why I do not understand me and like me are very many who are merits specialists have left the PSD.
Everything has gone hear it took a specialist Basescu so-called independence camp. Again I am stupid or what not deny that fact was not in this country, or are too smart and I see good things made by 20 years of parties which have succeeded one another in power headed by DAHR site (with nelipsitul ) whose specialists have led the country to the dogs and now blame us that we have not worked enough that they fail to steal as produce new. But let me not stray from the idea. Cristian Diaconescu and Labor Minister Marian Sarbu was keep saying how good they were and are. Well be good to not have a hat that was and is the country is dust and powder, the unemployed have come to commit suicide on the ends, life in Romania is much harder but they were and are some celebrity. Romanian head left and go on to work elsewhere, but they are the best. Across borders are seen as thieves and rapists but Mr. Cristian Diaconescu is a celebrity that has heard only the Romanians in the PSD and PD. I hear one, I hear two and seventy-nine hear the lies.
Leave it easy with experts and see what actually seek ariviştii

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