Vasile Dragomir


duminică, 9 septembrie 2012


t seems strange but the solution always seems complicated comes from the simplest implementations. It's no secret that blue planet is ruled by a so-called super-group of 250-300 people and they do not care if the dollar increases, decreases euro, pound sterling or another currency climbs on this blue planet. Simplicity would come from these countries governments leading blue planet (Earth) and is ambitious in its country to calculate the value of the currency or other countries at a given value of x or y depending on random criteria given by some politically charged. More understandable would all like this. A meter of fabric in Romania is shorter than a meter of the same material in Germany, France or any other country on the planet that blue. Or one kilogram of cheese in Romania would not have the same weight one kilogram of cheese in America. As units are equal across the planet, so should be equality between the monetary value of all countries irrespective of its origin. Further the blue planet remuneration in all countries should be identical regardless of it because that person whether man digs a pit in Romania or in another country on the planet so deposited a quantity of work, or any country all the way running a manual or mechanical operation according to ability and experience reached. Even if they are people who will bring pros and cons no matter where work practices must be paid the same, with the same currency and the same amount of money or where that person was jumping. In the beginning there were currency and trade it in nature, that offers a kg of gold and other items provided a kg depending on the need of urging and offering. Spoke speculators and began to evaluate some products over others that they all speculation. When humanity would understand that everything but everything must be equal on this planet so called inflation will disappear. At some point this will happen after several years or fewer mankind will suffer and understand that we can not lie to each other at infinity actually benefit of a so-called group of interest. Sounds like a utopia what I say now but they will happen sooner or later, depends only on the blue planet and populating the time that will do this.