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vineri, 12 februarie 2010

Living in television mogul?

More and more often attend direct attacks between trusts and television news while for that or what television is in addition to a release and one or more radio stations. If wrong please correct me and tell me the correct version.
All or even fight with their fists in the chest that had the audience and see God because they produce hard audience. If so then who are those who actually produce watches îmecilităţile to be published in air and on paper or online.
If that is how things are different and I think then that I actually live in a CARITAS, perpetum and will not leave unless God wants.
Money to all television, radio, press advertising coming from most, part of sponsorship and part of the black market. If otherwise please wait for reviews. Because I hear it all Mircea Badea ba, ba Radu Morar bănet How much they produce in their broadcasts. A kernel of truth there is in understanding mogul with those who give money for advertising but found that advertising is more than or about the same poor quality. More money in advertising to consumers that is coming from us by purchasing all products have the final price in addition to a lot of taxes and duties and such advertising. Otherwise the price of the products would be very small compared to that charged by mogul who controls everything. So we support

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