Vasile Dragomir


luni, 1 februarie 2010

Smile pockets a sensational controversy.

It is sensational to see how the overnight prices with us crazy, to go shopping today and tomorrow with stupefaction and surprise to discover that the price is not the same. More to come head and tell you that you are fired without receiving an explanation and you should continue to smile, to stay as whatever as if nothing happened or as if everything is normal. It gives life to the controversy can overcome all obstacles to you subject your fellow men smiling, and when Maui comes to utility bills with astronomical amounts to keep the newly fired, you should smile and say it could be worse enervândui Your attitude on rulers who believed that you put down, that's cracked, that you can not get up, nothing of the kind of smiles. It would be sensational that could save Romania from a total madhouse. Yet people find the strength to smile, tell jokes and laugh.

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