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miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

It formed a new current of opinion - BLOG

As a paradox ECAC I write is on the blog, this is the current moentul freedom of expression of those who will say something. The difference between my blog and logo's Nastase (one example) is that of his reading is still a larger crowd. Is the difference that the blog you can write a few words faster when you have that in mind without resorting to television or radio. The latter will find the blog will give politicians and post those words matusalemice. He spoke Mrs. Simona Varzaru (Urania) the issue of December 31, 2009 at 20:00 by a change to come, change that for many will mean a lot and will not be able to recover easily. Her words were a little harsh and otherwise arranged. That is already witnessing a magnifying glass to dull, cold politicians who feel that it escapes the ground from under his feet. (What is policy in Romania? A bunch of people who have no other aim in life than that of enrichment. I thought I seen this in history at all the current forms of governance of the country) Change comes from stellar without us to have got a major contribution. Some will understand one of the first all due astral and will be pioneers new concepts, alţiii will copy what they can to acesştia first, a class will remain in opposition and will be most unhappy and so on. If you want my opinion the concept of political will have to disappear as missing and was put on the wall concept of communism. How will appoint a new concept I know only those chosen by Astra, (maybe sounds more pompous than God).

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